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#TwitterTales April 2019

Hello! Another month has gone by. I am sorry I got a little busy and didn't post the last #TwitterTales for April 2019. I just posted it on Tuesday. Here is the whole story just in case you missed it:

Gabby rolled down her window and stared at the sign, pointing the way to the mine. Her car wouldn't fit on the road. She would have to hike to get to the top. Before she could do anything, her phone rang. Her ex-husband was calling her.

"How did you get this number?" she answered, her voice filled with venom. She had kept it from him.

"Don't be like that Gabs. Our kids are worried. You quit your job. Where are you?" Ron asked.



"Figure it out." Click.

Ron called again, and Gabby turned her cell off. She didn't want to deal with him right now. She sighed and maneuvered her car to the side of the road. After climbing out, she dug in the back for her gear. Was she crazy for doing this?

Gabby took the piece of paper out with instructions to get to the copper mine. Follow the trail all the way up the mountain. A map displayed the mine. She had paid for a week to prospect but finding copper here wasn't her real goal.

Gabby was tired after the long hike. Sweat rolled down her back. She pulled out her map and checked where she needed to go. According to a couple of locals, the second mine was haunted. She took a swig of water before heading there.

Once she got to the entrance, Gabby called, "Hello?" She wasn't expecting any type of response, not like a ghost would answer and go boo.

A loan moan sounded from deep within the cave.

Just the wind Gabby hoped. Just the wind.


Gabby called, "Is anyone there?" When no answered, she went deeper into the cave. After walking for a bit, the path forked. She pulled out her map. reading it with a flashlight. The left tunnel was marked with danger. She went that way.


"Hello? I'm here to help." Gabby stopped walking and listened.

"Go back," echoed in the walls.

"Please come out." Her heart was in her throat.

"Look lady." A man appeared. "This is my tunnel." Maybe next time she'll help a ghost.

Gabby didn't find any ghosts at the mine. Maybe she will find them somewhere else. #TwitterTales May 2019 sneak peak:

Gabby drove into the town of Gary. From the stories she read online, this was where she would meet a ghost, and hopefully help them move on. Even the undead deserve to live in peace. Would they be the undead? Or just spooks? Ghosts first.

For more of this story or by other authors search for #TwitterTales on Twitter. We post every Thursday and Friday. -K.A.

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