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TwitterTales March 2019

Here is another month of #TwitterTales. Have you heard of it? I share a short story on Twitter every Thursday and Friday. If you search for #TwitterTales and me (@kamengauthor), you can find my stories.

Here is my March 2019 #TwitterTales:

Gabby stood on the edge of the rocks looking down at the rushing waterfall. If she jumped, she could end everything now and be free. She would no longer have to deal with all the drama associated with her life, her husband, her children.

Her husband traded her in for a younger model. He had sent her divorce papers right before they were supposed to go on vacation together. Gabby didn't see this coming, but the more she thought the more she realized the signs were there.

Her hubby didn't pay any attention to her. He had "business meetings" every night. He dyed the gray from his hair. Why did she suggest going on a vacation to salvage their marriage to a guy who had left it? Would he care if she jumped?

Gabby gripped the divorce papers. Her husband had given her the sheets before their flight. He said he wasn't going and nothing she did could change his mind. He cancelled his ticket. She changed hers to the last available to here.

Gabby edged closer to the end of the rock she stood on. The foam created when the waterfall met the river covered the view of any possible rocks. If she jumped off, would she drown, or would she be skewered? She lifted her arms and let...

And then she opened her hand. Her signed divorce papers floated down, disappearing in the foam. If her husband wanted the sheets, he could take a flying leap off this cliff and get them. She texted her soon to be ex those exact words.

"What? Why did you throw our papers? Where are you?" her husband texted and then he phoned her.

"Yes?" she answered nonchalant.

He asked his previous questions.

"Ron, you traded me in for a newer model who will be old like me in ten years."

Ron tried to speak, but Gabby wouldn't let him. "How do you think you'll feel when your new lady, who is old enough to be our daughter, leaves you? You will not come crawling back to me. Goodbye, Ron." Gabby hung up.

Ron called her again.

Gabby tossed her cell. Her kids were grown-up, and she would contact them later. She needed to find her own happiness and not let one single moment of sadness define the rest of her life. She could help others understand this too.

Please get help if you are upset. Call someone. If you live in the USA call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Don't judge this moment on your whole life. Don't let your story end.

If you want more stories, research other author's stories. #TwitterTales on Twitter.

Here is a sneak peek of my April 2019 #TwitterTales:

Gabby rolled down her window and stared at the sign, pointing the way to the mine. Her car wouldn't fit on the road. She would have to hike to get to the top. Before she could do anything, her phone rang. Her ex-husband was calling her.

Are you glad to see Gabby back? I wanted to write more with her.

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