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Current ARC Available

Help Me Solve My Murder

Help Me Solve My Murder cover

After failing every pitch, podcast host Kaya Fortune has one last chance when a Play Me audio file appears on her computer. She plays it in front of the only sponsor willing to give her a chance after a scandal, and the voice of the dead girl asks Kaya to help solve her murder.

The sponsor loves the idea and gives Kaya a contract with the stipulation her co-host is dead. Kaya has never met the girl and isn’t certain if she’s dead. Kaya must determine why the deceased girl reached out to her from beyond the grave.

Along for the investigation is Kaya’s hot producer, Tobias Carr, who dislikes Kaya because of the scandal and insists on being involved in every process, including the research. The more they dig into the dead girl’s murder, the more suspects they cross off.

With the help of an odd computer whiz, tension turning into steamy with Tobias, and a whacky cat, Kaya may solve her co-host’s murder.

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