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Under the Rug

Throughout his childhood, William tries to uncover what lies underneath the rug, but each time, he fails. Years later, the lump returns. He vows to finally solve the mystery that has been plaguing him his whole life, before it disappears again.

***WARNING: This is a quick read/short story. Only 5 pages long.***


Life Subscription

Pay monthly to live or die.

After Earth’s atmosphere is destroyed, the Universal Government built a device for everyone to breath and installed it in them at birth. The U.G. forces users to pay a monthly subscription to live or they’ll shut the apparatus off.

Daven Morris’ payment is stolen within sixteen hours of the deadline. The only job available for him to earn enough coins is on the black market. The catch, he won’t know who the employer is or what he’ll be doing before he accepts. If he doesn’t complete the task, he’ll die. If he tries to kill the contractor, those that run the black market will kill him.

For the daring and the desperate, one month’s subscription as payment. Meet upon the remnants of Pwyll left over from the destruction of the mother of King Minos of Crete at noon today. You’ll learn further details there.


"I release you, "Zozo,
from the spirit board."
-Emily Campbell, Zozo



Emily Campbell receives a text that her boyfriend, Danny, is cheating on her. When she finally works up the courage to ask him, a drunk driver smashes into their vehicle, killing her man and three of their friends.

Now Emily is angry and frustrated over how long it’s taking her to heal, being the only survivor to the crash, and not knowing if Danny was unfaithful or not. Rather than humiliate herself and talk to the other woman to get the answers she so desperately seeks; she decides to contact Danny through a spirit board. He admits to cheating on her, but something isn’t right with the answers to her questions. Emily isn’t certain if she has contacted Danny, or something else.

Wayward Station

The Wayward Station

A tornado whisks Kayla Stark into The Wayward Station, a realm in between life and death. She learns this special place is in trouble and must help to save it. If she doesn’t, the spirits there won’t return her home.

With her grandma by her side, Kayla must save the precious commodity from the clutches of Jacoby Marone, a ghost with a bad attitude. He has a plan, and whatever it is, will not be good for The Wayward Station. If Kayla can't stop him, she and this place may disappear forever.

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