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Superior Species

Superior Species Book 5 cover

Superior Species Book 5: Rise of the Hunters

Ivory Ames has a dilemma; side with the hunters, who have vowed to kill the monsters or side with the beasts, who she is friends with. She tells the hunters repeatedly she won’t join them, but she finds out the accidents in every hunter family are tied to the monsters. They believe they can take a human life without consequences.

She tries to convince her friends to leave before they die or are taken, but the monster lockdown the town. They won’t open the one road until they find the murderer of a popular reporter. Ivory has nothing to do with the death this time, but the more she digs and uncovers, the better chance the hunters have convincing her to join them. When the fighting gets close and she almost dies, Ivory decides if she will lead the hunters or let them die.

Superior Species Book 4 cover

Superior Species Book 4:
The Model's Most Wanted

Ivory Ames is a killer. She did it to save Alejandro Riveras and that isn’t murder, right? She deals with the guilt over her impulsive decision while the family of her victim want the killers behind bars or dead. They place pressure on the town rulers, the monsters, to find whoever is responsible by any means necessary including scrutinizing the town and holding random searches.

If Alejandro keeps his mouth shut, Ivory will be in the clear. He has other plans and starts acting on them with deadly consequences. The monsters lock down the town to stop him, trapping everyone inside. If the killers are not found, people will lose their jobs and lives. Ivory decides to come clean, but what will happen to her if she does?

Blood dripped from the two puncture wounds on Alejandro Riveras’ neck. He closed his eyes and whispered to me, “Ivory.”
Superior Species Book 4: The Model's Most Wanted

Superior Species prequel cover

Superior Species Book 0.5:
Vampires Don't Exist

Ivory Ames searches the campground and finds her best friend Maria dead on the beach with two bite marks on her neck. Ivory and Harmony Lundy look for clues. They learn someone or something is stalking the campers, and if they’re not careful, they may be next.

Ivory Ames has lost two friends because of the “Models”, supernaturally good-looking monsters in their human form. She plans the two funerals to keep her remaining friends from finding out the truth. If they learn, they will be killed.

In order to escape the “Models” that control the town, Ivory focuses on graduating college early. Her boyfriend Romero Riveras has her hesitating on her plan. He’s sweet, has been there for her, and has the most important quality—he’s human. But they live a town filled with monsters, secrets, and being human is not always a good thing, it’s downright dangerous.

Superior Species Book 3 cover

Superior Species Book 3:
The First Fallen

Ivory Ames knows the truth about Los Roshano, but it isn’t what she expects. Monsters do exist. Werewolves, vampires, and gargoyles are the supernaturally good-looking, “Models”, in their human form. They run the town in secret and give scholarships to college freshman to fill their ranks.

Ivory vows to keep her friends and herself safe from the “Models”, but her best friend, Karen Bakke, disappears. The race to find Karen begins before she’s killed, mated, or worse—turned.

Superior Species Book 2 cover

Superior Species Book 2:
Finding Karen

Superior Species Book 1 cover

Superior Species

Ivory Ames isn’t special. She’s like everyone else until she moves to Los Roshano for college. Now Ivory’s caught the attention of the “Models”, the upperclassmen who are supernaturally beautiful.

Ivory tries to concentrate on school, but she’s surrounded by mysteries. Every freshman she meets is an orphan. The town has a strict sunset curfew because of wild animals have killed several people. She’s asked out by the most popular “Models”.

Nothing makes sense, but to keep her friends safe, Ivory must figure out the truth behind the town before it’s too late.

"For the first time ever, I felt like I

-Ivory Ames, Superior Species
Superior Species Book 1

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