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K. A. Meng lives in North Dakota, in the same town she grew up. Her love for the paranormal started at a young age when she saw her first ghost.

Today, she spends her time writing paranormal romance, fantasy, and everything in between. When life drags her away from it, she hangs out with her son and friends, goes to movies, watches TV, plays board games,  and reads books. She is actively involved in one writing group and wishes to some day visit Disney World.

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K.A. Meng's Story

What can K.A. Meng say about herself? Well, she hates talking about herself. Even as she started on this heat sprang into her face. This will probably sound more like a dating profile. 

K.A. lives in what she likes to call, The Frozen Tundra, in a town in North Dakota, USA. She and her son have two cats, Abu and Mushu. She likes to share stories about them on her social media, since they're way more interesting. At least, she thinks so.

Ideas for K.A.'s stories come from her life. 

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