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My newest release is called Under the Rug.

Throughout his childhood, William tries to uncover what lies underneath the rug, but each time, he fails. Years later, the lump returns. He vows to finally solve the mystery that has been plaguing him his whole life, before it disappears again.

***WARNING: This is a quick read/short story. Only 5 pages long.***

Despite it being a quick read, I forgot so many steps. I drew the cover and then had to edit parts on the rug that were the same, the little flower print on the border. I aged the rug also. I released the unfished one by mistake. I had to go in and upload the corrected cover. If you got the ebook, please update it. I did not notice until later and that is pretty big to not notice. I fixed the name since I forgot adding in the genre is what is done now.

I hope to start releasing more work. I have a back catalog that needs to be released. I plan on re-releasing a book next month. You can find my schedule here.

Until next time.


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Updated: May 23

I hope to share one a month what I am currently really into. What is keeping me up late at night? Right now, it is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Who doesn't enjoy a female superhero kicking butt? My buddy will tell you that I am watching something familiar, since my spoons are used up. I'll change it to my pen is almost out of ink. This does make a lot of sense. I was very busy this last week. My brain needed a break.

Have you heard of the "Spoon Theory"? To sum it up, it's used for when you’re out of energy. You run out of spoons. In my case, I am out of ink. I'm obsessed with Buffy since I've already seen the TV show and the movie multiple times. I think I've read season 8 comic a couple of times. My brain doesn’t have to think.

I am on Season 2 right after Angel...if you haven't seen it stop reading, this will be a spoiler, but the show has aired over twenty years ago...Angel loses his soul. I forgot how emotional that was. How he acted toward Buffy and how she felt after. And then I remembered she was only 17, and a bit of the ick factor came in. She wasn't an adult. He was. This would not fly nowadays. Why does it matter now? This is a TV show! Why am I so invested in this? I have seen it, and I know what happens.

Fast forward to what will happen. On the TV show, Angel, Angel gets his ex pregnant. The same thing happened on Roswell. They aired at the same time. Angel from October 5, 1999–May 19, 2004 and Roswell from October 6, 1999–May 14, 2002. I have been obsessed with Roswell. Will I be obsessed with Angel? Probably.

I will end this without discussing the allegations made. You can look that up. I'm a fan of the show and the actors who did it. I have a rule if one person says something about my work and wants me to change it, and I don’t want to, I don't listen, but when multiple people tell me or people I trust, I listen. I change what is wrong.

What are you obsessed with?

Until next time,


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Updated: May 21

Hello all! I m sorry I took a long extended break, but I am back and doing what I can to start releasing more books. Without getting into too much detail, the past two years has been hard. We lost Bella, a dog, in August of 2018 after surgery. Our cat, Abu, was sick too twice that year. We could've lost him. He's doing much better.

While this was going on, our last dog, Duchess, has been having health issues of her own a lot. She is being well cared for and I fear the day I will have to say goodbye to her. I honestly believe we are not meant to say goodbye.

My publisher and I parted ways because I could not find the time to write or promote my books. In order to be an author, you need to be full time. I started coming back to writing late last year, and now I've done enough to release the first book in A Town of Murders series. More will come. :)

A Town of Murderers Book 1 The First Scheme

An intruder breaks into Joann Fields home in the middle of the night and kills her husband, David. The evidence, like blood on her clothes and GSR on her hands piles up against her. She’s arrested for her man’s murder.

Mike Carroll is a reporter, who wanted nothing more than a story, and he gets one when Joann asks him for help. The deeper Mike digs the more possible suspects he finds. Joann may not be the innocent victim she portrays herself to be.

You can buy it here: https://getbook.at/TFS

RIP Bella, love you forever


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