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Works in Progress

Release Dates

September 2022 - The Holiday Killing Spree Book 1: Labor Day Weekend Massacre

September 2022 - Superior Species Book 1: Superior Species

October 2022 - Superior Species Book 2: Finding Karen

November 2022 - The Holiday Killing Spree Book 2: Opening Season Massacre

December 2022 - The Holiday Killing Spree Book 3: Christmas Day Massacre

February 2023 - Superior Species Book 3: The First Fallen

April 2023 - Superior Species Book 0.5: Vampires Don't Exist

June 2023 - Superior Species Book 4: Rise of the Hunters

August 2023 - Superior Species Book 5: The Model's Most Wanted

October 2023 - The Imaginary Friend Book 1: Ava Part 1

February 2024 - Superior Species Book 6: Revenge of the Witches

April 2024 - Superior Species Book 7: Band of Idiots

June 2024 - Superior Species Book 8: War of the Four Races


Superior Species Book 4: Rise of the Hunters

Killing a monster isn't murder. They are not human. At least, Ivory Ames feels this way. The leaders of the town of Los Roshano don't share her same views. They don't care she only killed the vampire to save a life. They want answers and they take drastic measures to obtain them. 


Still reeling from a devastating loss, Ivory and Alejandro Riveras ban together to save the humans from the beasts that control the city. Outnumbered and outgunned, the pair forms an unlikely friendship. When the dust settles, the hunters will rise.


Superior Species Book 5: The Model's Most Wanted 

Ivory Ames and Alejandro Riveras have gotten revenge, and the monsters that run town of Los Roshano are looking for the killers, them. 

Superior Species Book 6: Return of the Witches

Ivory Ames is teaching the Hunters how to fight the monsters that run the town of Los Roshano. 


Superior Species Book 7: Band of Idiots

Ivory Ames is dealing with Hunters and has a new nickname for them.

The Four Spiritualists

Soul Reader Book 1: Admission of Guilt

Phoenix Chase sees and talks to souls. She uses this unwanted ability to save them from hell. In the process, she hopes to save her own.


Homicide Detective Abraham "Ab" Dalca is the lead investigator on the first serial killer case in West Garfo, North Dakota. The murderer is caught, but a new body arrives in the morgue with the same MO. With no leads, no hope, and FBI ready to take over, Phoenix walks in. 

Dalca resists her help at first but desperation makes him willing to try anything. With his faith tested and the brightest soul on the line, together they may be able to figure out who is the real serial killer. Unless the demon that is always with Phoenix steals her soul first. 

Soul Reader Book 2: Not Guilty

Phoenix Chase has saved the brightest soul from hell along with the help of the scrumptious Homicide Detective Abraham "Ab" Dalca. Three months have passed since they parted ways, making her wonder if she will ever hear from him again.


Into her life walks, Melody Wilkerson, a lawyer with her first case, a murder trial. She is in over her head and asks Phoenix for help with jury selection.


Upon seeing the man is innocent, Phoenix agrees. With his life on the line, she must convince Melody to let her stay on the case even if she has to go up against the arresting Detective Dalca.



Superior Species Book 8: The Chosen Species

Ivory must decide what species to join.


A Town of Murderers Book 4: The Fourth Movement

Cat Turner has finally decided on her brand of justice. Her goal is to find out what justice a victim wants and give it to her.


Crossing Over Book 1: The Other Side

After drowning Diana Crowe awakens inside the morgue on a slab.


An Imaginary Friend Book 2: Ava Must Die Again

Jasmine and her family are back. She must do all that she can to banish "Ava" for good.


A Porter Family Adventure Book 2: Easter Island Adventure

Alexandra Porter and her father, Dax, are back. This time they are co-hosting their new adventure show, A Porter Family Adventure. They head to Easter Island  to finally solve the mystery with the statues, Moai. 

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