Under the Rug

Throughout his childhood, William tries to uncover what lies underneath the rug, but each time, he fails. Years later, the lump returns. He vows to finally solve the mystery that has been plaguing him his whole life, before it disappears again....


Life Subscription

Pay monthly to live or die.

After Earth’s atmosphere is destroyed, the Universal Government built a device for everyone to breath and installed it in them at birth. The U.G. forces users to pay a monthly subscription to live or they’ll shut the apparatus off.

Daven Morris’ payment is stolen within sixteen hours of the deadline... 



Emily Campbell receives a text that her boyfriend, Danny, is cheating on her. When she finally works up the courage to ask him, a drunk driver smashes into their vehicle, killing her man and three of their friends...

"You deserve way worse than this."
-Unknown, The First Scheme
(A Town of Murderers Book 1)


A Town of Murderers Volume 1 

In the USA, the town of Vita is in the middle of nowhere and not even on a map. The residents there have one mission to bring those who’ve escaped prosecution to justice by any means necessary...


The Third Call (A Town of Murderers Book 3)

Jay Townsend leads an elite team of black ops working for Darkwater Defense Services. When his unit fails to clear a city of enemy combatants, the company levels it in order to keep their government contract, killing thousands of innocent lives. The owner gives Jay one choice either he keeps his mouth shut or he dies....


The Second Plan (A Town of Murderers Book 2)

After breaking into a morgue to steal evidence linking him to a murder, Ricardo Leon kills the witnesses and sets fire to the building to cover his tracks. He believes he’ll get away with it because he has a mole in the police station...


The First Scheme (A Town of Murderers Book 1)

An intruder breaks into Joann Fields home in the middle of the night and kills her husband, David. The evidence, like blood on her clothes and GSR on her hands piles up against her. She’s arrested for her man’s murder...

"A tornado picked me up and
dropped me here. What is this place? It's not Kansas, right?"
-Kayla Stark, The Wayward Station


The Wayward Station

A tornado whisks Kayla Stark into The Wayward Station, a realm in between life and death. She learns this special place is in trouble and must help to save it. If she doesn’t, the spirits there won’t return her home...