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A Porter Family Adventure

Destination Bermuda Triangle cover

A Porter Family Adventure Book 1: Destination Bermuda Triangle

Alexandra Porter was never an adventure TV show star, unlike her parents. Her life takes a drastic turn when her father, Dax Porter, goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Less than one month, the search for him is called off, and five months later Alexandra stands on the deck of the Tranquil Seas filming her own reality TV show to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, hoping to find her father.

Five different experts join Alexandra and work as the ship’s crew. No one except for the captain and her has experience. The Bermuda Triangle expert can’t get along with the conspiracy theorist. When she sneaks away to search her father’s last known location, she gets close to a shark.

The crew and TV show executives are mad at her and threaten to cancel the show, but nothing will stop Alexandra from finding her father.

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