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#TwitterTales February 2019

Another month has come and once again I am sharing my #TwitterTales story. Have you heard of #TwitterTales?

Every Thursday and Friday I post part of a story based on a single image for the whole month on Twitter with the hashtag TwitterTales. You can read it there and check out every installment. It is a lot of fun. Here is February 2019:

Rob stared at his monitor and sipped his black coffee. Real men drank the tar this way. None of the creamer or junk added.

His job was simple, watch the track and make sure the blips (the trains) didn't run into each other. One disappeared.

Rob took another sip and tapped on the screen. The train hadn't reappeared. It couldn't disappear. He took out his walkie and called the guy patrolling that part, "Rog, can you check track four for train 313? The sensor must be down."

"Will do. I should be there in fifteen. Should we turn off the tracks?"

"Not yet. The train will need a good thirty minutes until it is anywhere it can hit another even if it headed back before I called you."

"Okay, over and out." Rog let go of the button. He turned to his partner, "Are you ready to go for a ride?"

"Always," Kat asked. She already hopped into their vehicle. They'd run the truck on the tracks and be safe if they didn't run into a train.

Rog steered onto the tracks and drove to the area, but nothing was here.

Kat climbed out and stared at the ceiling. "Wow." This section was like a cathedral, stained glass windows and archways.

As Rog was about to give the history, a light shined at the end of the tunnel. He got back in the truck and drove it onto the platform. After he climbed out, he waited for the steady thumping of wheels against the track for a coming train, but no sound came.

"Let's check the light out. Be careful of the hot tracks."

They reached the light, and Kat asked, "Is there a train?" She shielded her eyes.

"This track has a curve. A train couldn't fit."

"What should we do?"

"Let's check it out." Rog closed his eyes and kept walking until he stepped thru a veil.

Train 313 lay on its side, and the passengers climbed out in a daze. Buildings were destroyed and nothing looked like the New York City.

Rog spotted a newspaper. World Destroyed read the first headline. He had ten years to fix everything.

Search for #TwitterTales and @kamengauthor on Twitter to read my short story for March 2019. Here is a sneak peek.

Gabby stood on the edge of the rocks looking down at the rushing waterfall. If she jumped, she could end everything now and be free. She would no longer have to deal with all the drama associated with her life, her husband, her children.

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