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A Town of Murderers

Mike Carroll stars in The First Scheme, the top student in the town of Vita and the first graduate to try and bring justice after a criminal has gotten away with a crime. Ace Cankey stars in The Second Plan. Shawn Newby stars in The Third Call. Catalina "Cat" Truman will star in The Fourth Movement coming soon.

Mike Carroll
Ace Cankey
Shawn Newby
Catalina 'Cat' Truman


The Reporter 

Mike Carroll graduated at the top of his class of 387 students in Vita. After graduation, he worked for the local paper learning how to be a reporter. Due to his high grades, moral compass, and leadership abilities, Mike was chosen first to bring about justice. He had no complaints. 

Age in The First Scheme 21. 

DOB: 6/8.

Eye color: Emerald Green. 

Hair: Unknown.

Family: Mom & Dad, names unknown. 

Hobbies: Unknown.

Misc. info: Photographic memory. 

1st Mission: The First Scheme.

2nd Mission: Unknown.

The Third Call cover

The Third Call

Jay Townsend leads an elite team of black ops working for Darkwater Defense Services. When his unit fails to clear a city of enemy combatants, the company levels it in order to keep their government contract, killing thousands of innocent lives. The owner gives Jay one choice either he keeps his mouth shut or he dies.

Jay does exactly what the owner says and leaves Darkwater as soon as his tours are up, but his nightmares of what they did still haunts him.

Rumors fly of a town destroyed by a black ops team. Shawn Newby, an Army Investigator, can’t find any clues to whether this incident is true or not until a Report a Crime file comes across his desk. Now he’s up against a whole company doing anything to keep their secret buried forever even killing anyone who finds out the truth.

"Promise me you won't hurt
my family."
-Donald, The Second Plan
A Town of Murderers Book 2

The Second Plan cover

The Second Plan

After breaking into a morgue to steal evidence linking him to a murder, Ricardo Leon kills the witnesses and sets fire to the building to cover his tracks. He believes he’ll get away with it because he has a mole in the police station.

Ace Cankey vows to bring the notorious gang leader Ricardo to justice after taking over as the Treble County Coroner. Ace will use any means necessary to get his man, including planting evidence. Can one man bring down a ruthless gang of killers? Or will Ace let his ego and ambition be his ruin?

The First Scheme cover

The First Scheme

An intruder breaks into Joann Fields home in the middle of the night and kills her husband, David. The evidence, like blood on her clothes and GSR on her hands piles up against her. She’s arrested for her man’s murder.

Mike Carroll is a reporter, who wanted nothing more than a story, and he gets one when Joann asks him for help. The deeper Mike digs the more possible suspects he finds. Joann may not be the innocent victim she portrays herself to be.

A Town of Murderers Volume One cover

A Town of Murderers Volume One

In the USA, the town of Vita is in the middle of nowhere and not even on a map. The residents there have one mission to bring those who’ve escaped prosecution to justice by any means necessary.

The First Scheme follows Mike Carroll as he investigates David Fields’ murder. Evidence points to Joann, David’s wife, as being framed for his death. But the couple isn’t as innocent as they seem. They have dark secrets and Mike’s scheme will make them come to light.

The Second Plan follows Ace Cankey as he attempts to put away the ruthless gang leader Ricardo Leon by any means necessary. Ace’s plan starts to fall apart as he learns someone in the police is working with the criminal to keep him out of jail.


The Third Call follows Shawn Newby as he investigates a whole town destroyed by a black ops team. The trail leads to Jay Townstead, the leader, who never wanted to bomb the city. He and Shawn appear to be on the same side, but Jay may not be the victim as he proclaims. Shawn hears the call of duty to bring justice to a town.


Journey into the A Town of Murderers where everyone has killed someone, and the first class has just graduated to serve justice around the world.

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