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A Town of Murderers

Short Story Series

A Town of Murderers 1: The First Scheme

One murder, one plan, two possible outcomes.


The sound of a gunshot pulls Joann Fields from a peaceful sleep into a living nightmare. Her husband David is bleeding from a bullet lodged in his chest. She tries to save him, but she passes out instead.


Joann barely regains consciousness before two detectives arrest her for the murder. She turns to the only man who can help her, reporter Mike Carroll.  With the evidence piling-up against her, can Mike save her from prison or is she part of some elaborate conspiracy?

A Town of Murderers 2: The Second Plan

Ricardo Leon breaks into a morgue to steal evidence linking him to a murder. While there he kills three more people. He sets a fire to cover his tracks and believes he has gotten away with everything. What he doesn’t know is that Ace Cankey is hot on his trail.

In order to beat his rival, Ace needs to bring the notorious gang leader Ricardo to justice. Taking over as the chief medical examiner, Ace will use any means necessary to get his man, including planting evidence.

Can one man bring down a ruthless gang of killers? Will Ace call for help or will his ego and ambition be his ruin?

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