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#TwitterTales October 2018

Another month of TwitterTales has gone by just in case you missed my October 2018 posts every Thursday and Friday on Twitter. Here they are.

Gisela hated working the late shift, but the money was better. She needed it to pay for her shoes, her apartment, her school, her shoes. Someday she’d find a rich man or graduate and find a better job. Until then, she'd walk home fast.

Only bad people stayed out this late. Gisela locked the door to the diner and tugged on the handle to make sure it was secured. Her boss would blame her if it wasn't locked. After she walked two blocks, four figures appeared down the street.

The four figures were nothing but a blur. They were tall and were most likely men. Gisela hesitated before continuing. This was the fastest way home. The men were eight blocks away. They could turn and head in another direction.

Gisela walked the next block and so did the four figures. They were now six blocks away. They could still turn. She walked another and so did they. Four blocks. One more block and she'd turn and go another way if they were still coming.

Gisela glanced to the right and to the left for traffic before crossing the street. Her heart pounded loud enough she could hear it. One more block. She'd go one more. If the four figures didn't turn she would. She'd be safe.

Gisela's mouth went dry. She could cut through the dark alley, but someone could be waiting there. Why did everything but one bar have to close early?

"You'd better get home, miss," the old man outside his shop on a rocker said.

The men were still coming. Gisela turned and took the long way home. She’d quicken her pace. She’d be safe.

The four friends stopped at the corner. They glanced both ways before crossing the street. “Man, that lady turned,” one of them said.

“Like you'd get a date with her anyway,” the leader said. He laughed and most of his friends joined him.

“Shut the hell up.”

“Don’t use that language in front of my sis. Come on, Marnie. Let’s finish trick-or-treating. It’s getting late.”

As always I will show you a sneak peek of the next month.

I brought the ax above my head and swiftly down, letting gravity split a log in half. The pieces fell to the side. I stuck a new one in place. I had a little more than a hundred to go. When I lifted the ax the second time smoke wafted into my nose.

Come back next month to check out the post or search for #TwitterTales @kamengauthor on Twitter. I post part of the story every Thursday and Friday. You can also find many more authors participating from my publisher. It's lots of fun.

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