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#TwitterTales September 2018

As always I'll be sharing my full TwitterTales for the month right here just in case you missed it. TwitterTales is a tale for the month. The story is posted on Thursday and Friday. Not a lot of time to tell a full tale, but a lot of fun. Here is last months.

“Don’t use the porta potty in the woods,” Roman said.

“Why would anyone build one out there?” CeCe asked.

“I don’t know. Some of the bigger kids told me. We should go check it out tonight.”

“Like that will be a good idea.”

“Kids behave and CeCe listen to your older brother,” their mother said later that night.

CeCe nodded and said goodbye to their parents.

“Come on, let’s go to the woods and check the porta potty."

“This is not a good idea.”

“Why am I following you?” CeCe asked as she trialed behind her older brother.

“Admit it. You’re as curious as I am to see the porta potty,” Roman said.

“I don’t get why it would be in the woods. Wouldn’t it be an outhouse?”

“It doesn’t matter what it is called. We’re going to check it out.”

“Fine. I’m not going inside. It probably hasn’t been cleaned in years.” CeCe bumped into Roman after he had stopped in his tracks. The outhouse was glowing.

“We need to check the light,” Roman said excited.

“Yes, running into a glowing outhouse is such a good idea,” CeCe said. Why did she have to be the practical one?

“Are you chicken?” He clucked and flapped his arms like wings.

“Fine, but you’re going in first.”

“No way,” Roman said.

“This was your idea,” CeCe said.

Roman snorted and stomped to the outhouse. CeCe was at his heels. Once he reached the door, he swung it open and gasped.

"Let me see."

A strange ball of light floated in the air.

“What is this?” Roman asked.

“A will-o'-the-wisp?”

The wisp flew above their heads and zoomed into the forest.

“Let’s follow it,” CeCe said.

“Like that’s a good idea.”

Despite Roman’s protest, the pair followed the wisp deeper into the forest to a crying girl.

“Are you okay?” CeCe asked.

The girl covered her mouth.

“You’re the missing girl from town. Follow us, we'll bring you home."

And that ends that TwitterTale. Here is a sneak peak of October 2018.

Gisela hated working the late shift, but the money was better. She needed it to pay for her shoes, her apartment, her school, her shoes. Someday she’d find a rich man or graduate and find a better job. Until then, she'd walk home fast.

See you next time -K.A.

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