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#TwitterTales June 2018

Welcome to another month of #TwitterTales or short story tales on twitter. These posts are every Thursday and Friday for a whole month.

Here is mine for June 2018:

“I’m not sure about this,” Izzy said scared. She glanced up at the tall wheel of death.

“Come on, you never want to do anything fun. I’ll be with you,” her twin, Bella, said. She pouted her lips.

“Fine. If I die you can tell mom.”

The line for the Ferris wheel moved fast.

“Next,” the operator called. A lanky arm rested on the lever.

“Go,” Bella said, pushing her sister.

Izzy climbed inside the cage, and her heart pounded. The door closed, locking in place.

“Don’t lock me in here alone,” Izzy yelled. Terror filled her eyes.

“One per cage,” the operator said, already switching to the next.


“Calm down, I’m right here. I’ll be behind you," Bella said.

The Ferris wheel rotated.

Izzy kept her gaze on the cage in front of her. Once her door opened again, she’d bolt. A full rotation and then the Ferris wheel came to a stop. The door on her right opened, and a guy climbed inside before the exit was closed again.

Izzy opened her mouth to say something, but she was to late. The Ferris wheel moved. She grunted and sat back in her seat.

“Are you okay? You don’t look so well,” the guy said.

“I…I hate these things.”

"Me too."

"Why are you here?"

“My so-called friend thought it would be fun to ride. My name’s Chase,” he said.

“Izzy. I’d shake your hand, but I’m too scared to move,” she said, chewing on her bottom lip.

“Don't worry. I won’t rock us. Why are you riding alone?”

“The Ferris wheel moved before my sister could join me. I hate these things.”

“Me too.”

“I didn’t even know the other side opened,” Izzy said.

Chase’s brows furrowed, and he pointed to the side she had entered. There wasn’t a door.

“That’s impossible,” Izzy said.

“We’ll be okay. My door is here. You can come with me,” Chase said.

“What if I can’t return home?”

"You can call your parents.” The Ferris Wheel started to slow down. "Everything will be okay."

Izzy left through her door after it reappeared, but Chase didn't come.

“That totally sucked,” Bella said, joining her sister.

“What were you expecting?” Izzy asked.

“This is the Wheel of Love. You’re supposed to meet your soul mate.”

Ops. I had a repeat on that one. I didn't have time to work on it all at once. I am on the next ones.

To find my posts, search for #TwitterTales @kamengauthor. You'll also see a bunch more from other authors with my publisher.

Here is a sneak peek of next months:

Something blocked the sun. Legend expected to see a cloud or a plane, but something dark and big was there instead. An alert sounded on his cell along with everyone else's in the park.

Red Alert: Danger in the sky. Get inside.

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