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#TwitterTales May 2018

Welcome to another month of #TwitterTales or Twitter Tales. Short story tales on twitter. These posts are every Thursday and Friday for a whole month.

Here is May 2018:

“Where are we headed?” Mike asked.

“To some special beach Casey knows about,” his girl, Anna, answered. She handed him her things to shove inside the back of the SUV.

“But where?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Casey winked at them.

“No swimming. We need to pick our rooms,” Anna said once they arrived. They entered the cabin and put away their things. The doorbell rang.

“Drew came,” Lexi yelled. She ran to the door and opened it. A scream rippled out of her throat.

“Move,” the intruder demanded. When she didn’t respond, he pushed her out of the way.

“What do you want?” Mike asked, blocking everyone.

“To play a game.”

“No way, man. Is this some type of joke?” Mike glanced at Casey.

He shook his head.

The man held up a gun. “Come outside or I’ll kill you.”

The five friends were led to four beach chairs near the water.

“What do we do?” Beth asked scared.


“But there are only four chairs.”

“Decide who dies.”

“We can’t…we won’t.”

The man pulled out his cell and Pop Goes the Weasel flowed through the speakers. “When the music ends, you sit. The last one standing, I kill. You don’t play, you die.”

“We can’t do this. He can’t kill us all if we run,” Beth whispered.

“What are you doing?” Lexi asked.

“I’m not dying,” Anna said, walking around the chairs.

Her friends joined her. They whispered what to do until the music cut off. They raced for the open chairs. Beth beat Casey to one, and he yanked her off.

“Please don’t,” Beth begged the guy. Bang. She died.

“Killing your girl is cold, man,” Mike said. The music started again, and the friends walked around the three chairs.

“Pop! Goes the weasel,” the last line played. Only Lexi was standing.

The killer pointed his gun at her and pulled the trigger. Lexi died.

“Again,” he said after removing another chair.

“Sit, Anna,” Mike said, giving up his chair. “I love you.”

Before Anna could say anything, a bullet slammed into his head.

The last notes played. Casey and Anna fought for the chair. She sat by cheating.

“Ha,” she said. The gun pointed at her. "You can't, I won."

“You can't win,” the killer said. He ripped off his mask, revealing the face of a second Casey. Bang.

To find my posts, search for #TwitterTales @kamengauthor. You'll also see a bunch more from other authors with my publisher.

Here is a sneak peek of next months:

“I’m not sure about this,” Izzy said scared. She glanced up at the tall wheel of death.

“Come on, you never want to do anything fun. I’ll be with you,” her twin, Bella, said. She pouted her lips.

“Fine. If I die you can tell mom.”

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