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#TwitterTales April 2018

Welcome to my monthly Twitter Tales share. Twitter Tales or #TwitterTales is a month long project that uses a single image and tells the story of it. Several different authors, myself included, write their own flash fiction tale. The goal is to post on Twitter on Thursday & Friday every week for the whole month. Here is the latest flash fiction from me if you missed it for April 2018. Enjoy!

“Should we be doing this?” Gretchen asked. Her lower lip quivered, and her grip tightened on the lantern.

“Don’t be scared. We have nothing to fear here,” Eliza whispered.

“Why aren’t you talking louder then? What about the witch?”

“She doesn’t come where we’ll go for the herbs.” Eliza shushed her little sister the next second. She thought she heard something. When nothing but an owl hooted, she continued onto the path. Only animals were out here this late, not the witch.

They took a good ten minutes until they reached a fork in the path. The road diverted in three different directions. Going straight would lead to a bridge and past that was the witch’s cabin. Eliza steered her sister to the left.

They continued, passing by an abandon one room cabin. When their father was younger, he spoke about how many more there used to be. The purpose behind them was for travelers to take shelter from the bitter cold. Not many were left now.

The path opened, revealing the bright red lights from the CVS Pharmacy sign. A few horses and buggies were parked in front of the store.

“Do we have to go in there? The witch may be inside,” Gretchen said, sounding scared.

“If we want to help father, we do,” Eliza said. She stood in front of the magical doors and they swung open.

“See witchcraft.”

Eliza selected a bottle of the good tasting purple medicine and set it on the counter to pay.

“You’re not old enough to buy this,” the attendant said.

“But miss, my father will die without it,” Eliza said.

“If he needs this, he has a cold. He isn’t going to die. It’ll only seem like he is with all the complaining he’s doing.”

“The witch!” Gretchen said.

“Stop calling me that. I'm not a witch." A sigh escaped her lips. "You can buy these magical throat drops without being of age.”

“We’ll take it,” Eliza said. Her father wouldn’t get better without something.

For those who want to know more about #TwitterTales check out #TwitterTales @kamengauthor on twitter. Look for a new post every Thursday and Friday by me and several other authors from my publisher's company. Here is a sneak peak of my next one:

“Where are we headed?” Mike asked.

“To some special beach Casey knows about,” his girl, Anna, answered. She handed him her things to shove inside the back of the SUV.

“But where?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Casey winked at them.

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