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My Latest Obsession

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

My latest obsession is the American TV show Ghosts (2021). Have you seen it?

Samantha and Jay throw caution to the wind when they convert their recently inherited country estate into a bed-and-breakfast. Call it mislaid plans. Not only is the place falling apart, but it’s also inhabited by spirits of previous residents – whom only Samantha can see and hear. Ghosts spins the funny, heartfelt story about a newfound dream that reveals connection and self-discovery aren't just for the living.

It is hilarious and a lot of hijinks. It does take 3 episodes to get into the story. Spoilers coming up now. The first episodes sets the story up and then Sam has an accident. Second episode she freaks out. Wouldn't you if you could all of a sudden see ghosts? Third episode she accepts seeing ghosts and the series gets better from there.

One of the reasons why I am obsessed with this show is because it is a lot of fun and the episodes are short. They are slotted for 30 minutes time slot Thursdays 8:30/7:30c currently airing on CBS. I gave up cable years ago so I watch it on the Paramount+ app.

The Ghosts cast has a ghost for everyone. One of my favorite characters is Sam. She is not a ghost, but the main character. She is played by Rose McIver. Have you seen Rose in anything before? She was in the TV show iZombie, the movie series A Christmas Prince, and so much more. She is definitely one of my favorite actors. In Ghosts, her husband is Jay, played by Utkarsh Ambudkar. He does a great job of going along with Sam and takes convincing but does support her in the end. I'm not as familiar with his previous works, but I'll need to check it out.

The Ghosts are (in order of deaths (I think)):

  • Thor/Thorfinn - a Viking and the oldest ghost in the house. He doesn't understand everything in our world which would happen to anyone who has been dead and around for over 1,000 years. He calls cars landships. We should call them that. Portrayed by Devan Chandler.

  • Sass/Sasappis - a cynical Native American who is the voice of reason and also a story teller. The writer in me is like YES! Portrayed by Román Zaragoza.

  • Hetty Woodstone - uptight and proper lady from a long time ago. She originally owned the house and is the great-great-great-great-grandmother of Sam's. Portrayed by Rebecca Wisocky.

  • Captain Isaac Higgintoot - a closeted gay American Revolution officer who died of dysentery. Portrayed by Brandon Scott Jones. He is one of my favorite ghosts. He likes to gasp at shocking moments. It does happen a lot between the living and the dead. We should bring back gasping.

  • Unknown amount of Cholera victims - they live in the basement. So far we have learned about 6 of them. Nancy is awesome. She's outspoken and doesn't take flack from anyone. Portrayed by Betsy Sodaro who has been on several comedy programs like Another Period, Clipped, Nailed it, and etc.

  • Alberta Haynes - a flamboyant Prohibition-era jazz singer who was murdered. This does bring a bit of mystery to the series. Portrayed by Danielle Pinnock.

  • Flower aka Susan Montero - a hippie who died in 1960s after being so high she hugged a bear. She is a little flighty. It works well for the show. Portrayed by Shelia Carrasco.

  • Pete Martino - a guy who died by an arrow to the neck in 1985. Portrayed by Richie Moriarty.

  • Trevor Lefkowiz - most recently deceased ghost and was a wealthy, hard partying business man (I want to say kid since he is barely out of college) and Wall Street investor. He was Jewish and died in 2000 from a heart attack because of drug overdose. He also has no pants. There is a story behind it and you'll have to watch to find out. It is a good one. Trust me. Portrayed by Asher Grodman.

There are hgosts that live nearby or in a shed. So I won't mention them. These are the main ghosts that live in the house.

This is the American version of Ghosts. There is a British version, Ghosts (2019). It's just as good, but only 6 episodes per season and a special except for the first season. The main characters are awesome also. The ghosts are the original so the American version are similar. When adapted, Ghosts (2021) had to change a few things like names and characters since American and British have a different history. The premise is the same. I have not seen the 4th season of the British Ghosts (2019) and I want to. It is on my list to watch. I watched the first 3 seasons on HBO Max (it does have the specials). I can't buy 4th season either yet. It just ended in December 2022.

I am hoping bother series gets many many seasons.

Here is the British verison:

From BBC One:

A cash-strapped young couple inherit a rickety country mansion, only to find it teeming with needy ghosts. Grown-up comedy from the Horrible Histories team.



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