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My Latest Obsession

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I should've posted this sooner. I am totally obsessed with K-pop, mainly K-boys. My journey into K-pop started in May 2022 with my BTS Journey. It ended in August 2022. I wrote about it on my instagram. You can find the first post here. I didn't take long to become obsessed.

The hard part is there are A LOT of groups. I've only scratched the surface on 5 groups so far. I still need to listen to and get to know these groups and more. I haven't even got into K-girls. I still remember the 90s with only a handful of boy bands popping up. I grew up with them and listened to them. Loved them. I'm at 5 K-pop now and I know there is so many more.

How should I get into next? Let me know.


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