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Help Me Solve My Murder

After failing every pitch, podcast host Kaya Fortune has one last chance when a Play Me audio file appears on her computer. She plays it in front of the only sponsor willing to give her a chance after a scandal, and the voice of the dead girl asks Kaya to help solve her murder...

Destination Bermuda Triangle cover

A Porter Family Adventure Book 1: Destination Bermuda Triangle

Alexandra Porter was never an adventure TV show star, unlike her parents. Her life takes a drastic turn when her father, Dax Porter, goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle...

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Destination Bermuda Triangle Cover

January 2024


Help Me Solve My Murder Cover

April 22, 2024

Coming Soon

June 2024

Superior Species 
Book 6


"For the first time ever,
I felt like I belonged."
- Ivory, Superior Species Book 1


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"I badly need a drink."
-William, Under the Rug 


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