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Superior Species Book 3: The First Fallen

Ivory Ames has lost two friends because of the “Models”, supernaturally good-looking monsters in their human form. She plans the two funerals to keep her remaining friends from finding out the truth. If they learn, they will be killed...
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The Holiday Killing Spree Book 3: Christmas Day Massacre

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is coming and so is the deadline for Jolene Argall and her boyfriend, Bob Ghul. While all the good girls and boys get presents, Jolene and Bob face multiple first-degree murder charges and a domestic terrorism charge...

Releasing Soon

Here is what will be releasing soon. Check out WIP for more.
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November 2022


HKS book 3 sm.jpg
December 2022


SS Book 3 cover.jpg
February 2023


"For the first time ever,
I felt like I belonged."

- Ivory, Superior Species Book 1


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"I badly need a drink."
-William, Under the Rug 


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