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Superior Species Book 4: The Model's Most Wanted

Ivory Ames is a killer. She did it to save Alejandro Riveras and that isn’t murder, right? She deals with the guilt over her impulsive decision while the family of her victim want the killers behind bars or dead....
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Superior Species Book 0.5:
Vampires Don't Exist

Ivory Ames searches the campground and finds her best friend Maria dead on the beach with two bite marks on her neck. Ivory and Harmony Lundy look for clues. They learn someone or something is stalking the campers, and if they’re not careful, they may be next.

Releasing Soon

Here is what will be releasing soon. Check out WIP for more.
SSPrequel cover.jpg
June 2023


SS B4 cover.jpg
August 2023

Coming Soon

October 2023

Superior Species 
Book 5


"For the first time ever,
I felt like I belonged."

- Ivory, Superior Species Book 1


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"I badly need a drink."
-William, Under the Rug 


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