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Superior Species Book 2:
Finding Karen

Ivory Ames knows the truth about Los Roshano, but it isn’t what she expects. Monsters do exist. Werewolves, vampires, and gargoyles are the supernaturally good-looking, “Models”, in their human form. They run the town in secret and give scholarships to college freshman to fill their ranks....

Superior Species

Ivory Ames isn’t special. She’s like everyone else until she moves to Los Roshano for college. Now Ivory’s caught the attention of the “Models”, the upperclassmen who are supernaturally beautiful.

Ivory tries to concentrate on school, but she’s surrounded by mysteries..

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SS B2 cover.jpg
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"For the first time ever,
I felt like I belonged."

- Ivory, Superior Species Book 1


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"I badly need a drink."
-William, Under the Rug