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Under the Rug

My newest release is called Under the Rug.

Throughout his childhood, William tries to uncover what lies underneath the rug, but each time, he fails. Years later, the lump returns. He vows to finally solve the mystery that has been plaguing him his whole life, before it disappears again.

***WARNING: This is a quick read/short story. Only 5 pages long.***

Despite it being a quick read, I forgot so many steps. I drew the cover and then had to edit parts on the rug that were the same, the little flower print on the border. I aged the rug also. I released the unfished one by mistake. I had to go in and upload the corrected cover. If you got the ebook, please update it. I did not notice until later and that is pretty big to not notice. I fixed the name since I forgot adding in the genre is what is done now.

I hope to start releasing more work. I have a back catalog that needs to be released. I plan on re-releasing a book next month. You can find my schedule here.

Until next time.


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