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How Secure are Those Security Questions?

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I've posted one of those "just for fun" lists not too long ago. I always think whenever I see them that hackers found a good way to get answers to your security questions without you knowing. This list comes from a BIG company and many companies use a similar list. This is part of the 2 step process for authentication. But is the security questions portion secure? Here is the first hint.

Why did I highlight these questions? Let's start with what gave me the idea. EVERY question I've seen on a "Just for Fun" list is highlighted in Tip #3 A. How secure can these questions be if we're answering them?

Answering these security questions isn't the only way. Your posts. Posts from your friends or family. No one means to give this information out. It's an innocent post. "I just got married!" "Congratulations! Where did you host your reception? I've been looking for a place." We should be able to post our happy moments and celebrate them. Here's what I mean.

I've seen these posts and might've posted some of them too. Unfortunately, I'm not done. You and your family might be giving out your information without you even realizing it. You list your family and clicking on them can get these answers.

What can you do about giving out this information? Be aware that you are. Some of my tips would be don't post these answers if you use these questions. Do a change to your answers. I am a huge fan of changing letters to numbers or symbols like Tad becomes T4d or T&d or T$d. If someone wants to know the wedding reception private message them.

How secure is this list? You be the judge.


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