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Book Spotlight: Blood Instincts by Marie Lavender

Blood at First Sight Series Book 2:

Blood Instincts

What if you found out that you weren’t exactly…human?

Enter the Other World at your own risk…

What if you found out that you weren’t exactly…human?

Myah Sullivan is suddenly living that nightmare. There are Others in the world, dangerous, supernatural creatures that make her mind spin and cause her to question the reality she’s always known.

Oliver King is her savior, a vampire who tries to show her the way. Through her journey she learns far more than she ever thought she would about herself, and about the past. Soon, she discovers that there is so much more to meeting Oliver than mere happenstance.

Can Myah accept her new reality, or will she retreat into that normal, safe world she once thought was her own?

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Oliver looked down at the beautiful, still, figure upon the ground. Myah’s long, dark lashes lay like fans on her face, and her perfect, exotic skin was almost luminescent beneath the lamplights of the park. He shook his head. He’d hated to erase her memories. He knew she could have blocked him if she wanted to, sensing the strength of her mind. And if what she’d done to that rapist was any indication, she had some unique abilities. But if the poor girl didn’t even know what she was, she wouldn’t know how to prevent what he’d done yet.

An odd emotion swept through him, and it was beyond him to avoid the pull. Sinking to his knees, he gathered her up in his arms, cradled to his chest. So close like this, he could smell the unusual yet arousing combination of blood and her perfect feminine scent. He ignored the need pounding beneath his zipper. To mar her skin or her mind was a crime, he thought. He vowed to leave her alone soon. Perhaps it was better if she didn’t know she was an Other.

Yet, how will she protect herself, a part of him wondered. He measured the tiny bite wound that vampire had left on her. It was healing up now, a faint bruise. He cursed. This was what they called a rock and a hard place. As a former Hunter, he had a special history in dealing with those of his kind. Which meant he knew just about every form an Other could take.

But, this one? His brain cramped trying to figure out what she was.

He glanced down and noticed the knuckles of one hand had split from when he’d fought her attacker. One drop of blood trickled onto Myah’s cheek. Before he could wipe the offensive mark from her perfect features, her nose twitched, nostrils flaring as she inhaled. Hard. Her tongue automatically licked out at her lips.

Any other time, her pink tongue would have aroused him. Distracted him. But he’d caught the white flash of something familiar. Curious, he peeled back her upper lip and got the shock of his life at the arrival of a fang. It wasn’t too long now, but indeed more lengthened than a human’s canine tooth. Interesting, he mused. She’d responded to blood. How might she react to more of it? Carefully, he wiped the blood away from her skin with his sleeve, then witnessed the tooth retract.

Though a few other species craved blood, he knew this one all too well.

Vampire, the thought formed in his mind, as he drew away from her mouth. Oliver frowned. But he hadn’t smelled that particular scent on her at first. Still, she had to be, right? It was no wonder he’d felt an unusual likeness to her. And yet, he detected the humanity on her. There was no denying she was mortal, had never crossed over death’s threshold. Still, what did it mean? He hadn’t known this kind of creature was possible.

He resolved to discover the truth and acquaint her with it, no matter what it took. This wasn’t personal, he told himself. It was just the right thing to do. Though his heart squeezed inside his chest at the thought of releasing her from his embrace, he slowly lowered her to the earth beneath them. He gently patted her cheeks and spoke her name. Burrowing inside her mind, he attempted to rouse her. Then he sat back on his heels and waited. He wasn’t sure how long it would take for her to awaken. He’d put her in quite a deep trance. Though she’d managed to break the other vampire’s mental hold on her, he didn’t know if she’d do the same with his.

And how long will you wait, a foreign voice within asked.


That was the only answer. For how often did a male come across a woman like her?

About Marie Lavender

Multi-genre author of Victorian romance, UPON YOUR RETURN, and 23 other books. UPON YOUR LOVE and THE MISSING PIECE placed in the TOP 10 on the 2017 P&E Readers' Poll. DIRECTIONS OF THE HEART was nominated for the 2017 Reader's Choice Awards. The I Love Romance Blog became a finalist in StartDating DK's Romance Blog Awards of 2017. ILRB landed on Feedspot’s 2017 TOP 100 Novel Blogs and TOP 100 Romance Blogs. DIRECTIONS OF THE HEART placed in the TOP 10 Books of 2017 on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews blog. TOP 20 Authors of 2017 on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews blog. Mystery Blogger Award for 2017. A to Z Blog Challenge Survivor in 2016. March 2016 Empress of the Universe title - winner of the "Broken Heart" themed contest and the "I Love You" themed contest on Poetry Universe. SECOND CHANCE HEART and A LITTLE MAGICK placed in the TOP 10 on the 2015 P&E Readers' Poll. Nominated in the TRR Readers' Choice Awards for Winter 2015. Poetry winner of the 2015 PnPAuthors Contest. The Versatile Blogger Award for 2015. Honorable Mention in the 2014 BTS Red Carpet Book Awards. Finalist and Runner-up in the 2014 MARSocial's Author of the Year Competition. Honorable mention in the January 2014 Reader's Choice Award. Liebster Blogger Award for 2013, 2014 and 2016. 2013 and 2014 Amazon Bestseller Ranking for UPON YOUR RETURN. Top 10 Authors on Winner of the Great One Liners Contest on the Directory of Published Authors.

Marie Lavender lives in the Midwest with her family and three cats. She has been writing for a little over twenty-five years. She has more works in progress than she can count on two hands. Since 2010, Marie has published 24 books in the genres of historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, dramatic fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery/thriller, literary fiction and poetry. She has also contributed to several anthologies. Her current published series are The Heiresses in Love Series, The Eternal Hearts Series, The Magick Series, The Code of Endhivar Series and The Blood at First Sight Series.

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One last teaser! -K.A.

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