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New Release: Walks With Him by Elle Marlow

Hello, I am delighted to have Elle Marlow on my blog today. She is here to talk about her latest book Walks With Him.

Moves The Wind…is how the Comanche describe a stallion that eludes capture. It is said that the beast is both horse and spirit, running free between this world and the next. To ride this horse is the greatest desire among men—until she came into their world.

Abandoned in the wilds with sickly baby sister, Ivy wanders into the path of Comanche out on the chase. He is terrifying with his long hair and body made from the granite cliffs that surrounds them, but she needs him to save her sister’s life.

The Comanche name her Walks With Him, and her beauty has started a war from within. One man wants to enslave her, the other wants to win her heart and set her free. The price is impossible. The first brother to capture the special horse will get the woman. The real prize is who the woman gives of herself.

Her name is Walks With Him and this is her story.

Excerpt: He considered Ivy as he allowed his gaze to roam over her. Her concern for her sister was admirable, her skepticism of love mirrored his own. She stood before him, her hair long and loose. Her fine features and round green eyes told of a woman that was delicate on the outside but made of tougher things on the inside. It was an attractive combination.

It was inappropriate to openly stare, but he couldn’t help himself. Rio was a larger woman, and so her buckskins hung loose on Ivy, but even that did not hide the curves that laid underneath. Curves that kept him awake at night. Yamka talks of Baby Deer’s beauty, but in his eyes, Ivy was the one who was most beautiful in both looks and in strength. Even now, when she was so clearly tired from the hard work, and to this strange new life she found herself in, she carried herself tall. In her, he saw the things that mattered. his body honed into her every move as if she were something he’d spent days hunting. He’d never experienced such an awareness in another person. However, the likelihood of anything more than him being able to admire her was slim. A prize like Ivy would end up with the son of a council member or a council elder himself.

K.A. - I was able to ask a few questions of Elle.

1. Where did you get the idea for Walks With Him? The blurb makes me what to read more.

I got the idea from a painting I purchased at Goodwill. Normally, I don’t buy old paintings, but this one was of the desert and it spoke to me. To this day, we cannot tell if the artist signed it 1869 or 1969. It got me to thinking about who she was, and if she was really out in the wilds in `1869 what was her life like?

2. Are there any part of Walks With Him based on a real life experience? If so, can you tell us about one?

Well, part of the story is finding yourself in a new place, new customs and trying to fit in. I think we’ve all been in those shoes and can relate.

3. The excerpt you shared was great. It showed that "he" was interested in Ivy well and with descriptions were woven into it. Is there any advice you can give for inspiring writers to write a wonderful scene like yours?

Take your time. Take your time and think about how you felt during the times you are writing about. Really dig in there deep and see what comes out on paper.

4. With kids, grand kids, a husband, and a horse, where do find the time to write?

Most of my stuff gets written in the wee hours of the morning. I get a lot of help from coffee.

5. What are you working on next?

I have a short story series about Cowboys and Christmas. It’s called Christmas at the Ranch and I was going to end it with two stories, but a third is lurking in my brain as we speak. Lord, help me.

Thanks for the questions! These were fun. Elle

I had so much fun with Elle. I can't wait to see her next book and read Walks With Him.

Author Bio:

Thank you, for hosting me on your blog today. I am very excited to introduce to you my latest historical Native romance, Walks With Him-Comanche Bride.

About Me: Hello! My name is Elle Marlow and I am a proud born and raised Arizona girl. I feel blessed to live in the southwest where I get to enjoy the beautiful Sonoran Desert, ghost towns, horses and most importantly, cowboys!

I have a wonderful husband and so many kids that the old lady in the shoe has nothing on me. I love to write about the west and it gives me a darn good excuse to get out and explore.

You can find me and stay updated at

Thank you Elle for stopping by. -K.A.

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