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What It's Like Living in the Coldest Town in the USA

I live in Grand Forks, ND, USA. Location:

The temperature right now is -15°F. If you live here, we don't go by the actual temperature. We live by the "feels like" or "wind chill" which is at -35°F. Brrr.

You know you are in a cold place when there is a wind chill advisory.

I was curious to compare if there are any other cold places in the USA.

USA Today published an article, Brrrr: America's 50 coldest cities states, on February 2015. It lists Grand Forks, ND as number 2 in the USA right behind Fairbanks, AK.

Niche also published an article, Top 50 Coldest Cities in America, on November 2016. It lists Grand Forks as number one.

The Daily Beast also published an article, America's 25 Coldest Cities, on December 2010. It lists Grand Forks, ND as number 2 in the USA right behind Fairbanks, AK.

Do I really need to go on to prove it anymore?

One final point, I checked out the USA coldest city right now on this website.

Number 1 is Glasgow, Glasgow International Airport (United States) at -33.9°C which is -29°F. Grand Forks is the coldest now.

Now that I established how could it I should get to my point on what it's like living here.

1. It's not a big deal. You get used to the cold.

I'm not kidding. When it's cold out, you dress warmer, let your car warm up longer, and if you can help it, you don't go outside as much. My town had a dusting of snow last night after I snow blowed, and I'm not snow blowing until it's a little warmer out. Less than -10. *Insert joke here*

2. You wear warmer clothes.

Even as I said this, it isn't always right for everybody. I bought myself some long johns and a ski mask. There are others who will go outside in shorts and sweatshirts. I don't get it, and my son tries to. I force him to bring a coat where ever we go or we are not going. He wears it home from school.

3. You know when frostbite can occur.

For those who don't know, you will now.

The wind is S at 10 mph. So frostbit can occur in 10 minutes. Yikes!

5. You stay inside when it's cold.

Enough said.

6. Even our pets know it's cold out.

My dogs want to go out, and I watch them in a few minutes they run back in. I have an escape artist, my cat, and he doesn't try to get out at all during winter.

7. You can turn boiling water into snow.

This sound cool, and I would love to show my son this someday. I'm not to worried about picking a day because many will come. If I miss this year, there is always the next year.

Check a video out:

8. You have some pride being able to handle the cold.

In December 2016, we had a blizzard Alivia in Grand Forks. One dumped 16.4 inches in three days with the majority being on the first two. Some parts of the town was closed down on December 5th because we needed to remove the snow so we can get on with our lives. My son and I were home that day. By noon the next day I dug myself out and went to work. My son didn't have school because not every part of the town was cleared out.

Just in time for another snow storm, January 2 & 3, 2017. Grand Forks had 9.2 inches. I took off half a day on the second to clear myself out. I don't even think this was called a blizzard.

To me this is what living in North Dakota is about. We have pride because we can handle it. I've talked to others and they can't believe the city doesn't close sometimes unlike their town. I tell them Grand Fork is used to it.

9. Snow days.

Something to look forward to when your young. My son has had three this school year so far. The school only scheduled two. *rolls eyes* Some years we don't even use them. They have a few makeup days for it.

10. You're used to the cold.

When I go on vacation, I wear shorts when it is 70°F out. I've seen other's in jackets and pants. They think I'm crazy. This is a repeat, but it should be said twice!

11. It's to cold to be mean.

I remember when I got stuck three times with my van last year. Each time someone showed up to help me by the time I called my brother to help. I think most of us know we may need the help and it's better to be kind then mean to others.

11. You must deal with snow plows.

My city does a fairly good job cleaning the snow. They do make mistakes and try to clear it up.

12. There's a lot of fun things to do in Grand Forks.

I'm to busy with writing and life to do anything but we have plenty of activities here. I've done a few through the years. Check out GF Parks for more info.

I can't think of anything else to say.


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