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10 Things Everyone Should Know About An Author

I've been thinking about how things have changed for me after my book was published. I'm still the same person, but there is a BIG difference from being a writer and an author.

10. We don't expect you to buy our books.

9. Don't ask for a free copy.

We won't always give you our book for free. Don't ask why not. It cost money, and I'm as broke as I started. Not everyone has the ability to be a bestseller the first time out.

8. Give us the time we need to write.

I know you want to hangout but so do our characters. When voices are inside our head which won't shut up, you won't win. We will make time for you later. BTW, November is NaNo and I won't be around every year for the month.

7. Be prepared for a few social media links on my life about writing.

I try to not make so many. If I can read about your kid, job, food, and etc., you should be able to handle mine.

6. Just because I have a book published doesn't mean I know how to get anyone else published. If I knew, I would tell you.

5. The first book published doesn't guarantee I'll have another one published.

It's shocking, but that is the way the publishing company works. Although, big name authors this doesn't apply to. I'm currently not one of them. It isn't fair I know, but it's life.

4. Don't ask what character you are in my book.

I know other authors obtain inspiration from real life people, I don't.

3. If you think you're like a character in my book, it is a coincidence. Everyone of my characters have a part of me in them, no one else.

2. Being a writer is the hardest occupation out there.

We have no guarantees anything will sell or the hours if not days writing a book will get published. I wouldn't change it.

1. All we want from you is encouragement.

I hope this will help you understand an author better or just me better.


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