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Book Spotlight: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol 3

Welcome to your worst nightmare. Where creatures creep, bad guys or gals extract trouble where there is none, and you are guaranteed not to have a good night’s sleep.

Solstice Shadows and eight fabulous authors team up to bring you, our faithful readers, scary tales from all around the world.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol 3


Eight tales sure to send your goosebumps screaming in terror…

The Twilight Zone meets Hitchcock…

Do you see me now?

Nothing is as it seems…

Wake Up to Your Worst Nightmare…

It’s dark magic; get the picture?

Do captured Spirits really exist?

A dream house of mystery…

Cora inherits a haunted castle.

Authors Christopher Davis, Rocky Rochford, Leah Hamrick, S@yr, M.A. Cortez, P.J. Lawton, CS Patra, and E.B. Sullivan bring your worst nightmares to life in this scary, can’t put down anthology.

While you’re out and about for these wonderfully terrifying stories, check out our Halloween cookbook, to prepare wonderfully themed meals!

Ghoulish Delights For Your Halloween Fun

Have a scary time and don’t forget to leave the lights on!

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