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My Latest Obsession – Air Fryer

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I purchased an air fryer after my fryer died.

If you haven’t heard, an air fryer is an almost oil free fryer. At the most 1 tsp can be used. I thought about all the savings I would have, but the question is does it work?


I put it to the test and put in curly fries to check it all out. Halfway through, I had to shake it:

And once it is done. 10-12 minutes total. Need 2 minutes to warm it up.

It worked. I’m totally hooked on it.

Chicken patties:

Onion Rings:

Egg Roll from supper:

All of these are store bought either cold section or freezer food. I never took pictures of food I made myself. I found out that you will need oil. The tip I give for that is to make sure you add a small amount of oil 1/2 – 1 tsp max.

This is so worth it in my kitchen. #airfryer #food


UPDATE: Both my sisters bought one, and they enjoy it a lot.

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