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Fan of the Paranormal

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I’m not one to go to a concert and be a huge fangirl. I’m not obsessed with anything really. I don’t scream unless there is a spider or I am doing my Xena Warrior Princess yell, but I came very close attending Paracon 2016 at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN on October 7 and 8, 2016.

Paracon is gathering of people interested in the paranormal or supernatural. Both definitions explains that there are things beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. I am a believer, but I don’t go the supernatural or the paranormal route. It needs to be debunked first. This was perfect for me to attend, and I did so with my sister, Brandi.

Everyone I met was so down to Earth and incredibly humble.

First up is a “selfie” with Michael Cudlitz. If you don’t know who he is, you might be living under a rock. He plays Sgt. Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead.

I got to admit I’m still only on season 5 because I’m afraid who will die next. I’d hate to see Michael Cudlitz’s character get killed. Sgt. Ford is one of my favorites. Although, I’m caught up on Grey’s Anatomy and that show has killed so many people. I want to compare it to The Walking Dead! I’m serious on this. People are expected to die on The Walking Dead not on Grey’s Anatomy. Post-apocalyptic world will do that, not a safe hospital. Okay, patients die there but not the doctors or interns.

Another picture with Michael Cudlitz. He is a pro when doing selfies. I also got his autograph.

I also met Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters (well he isn’t on it anymore so would be formerly from Ghost Hunters?) and the co-founder of TAPS.

My sister told him about my book which just released! He congratulated me.

He is pitching eight ideas soon and I hope one works out. I want to see him on TV again. Not sure if it is for TV though. It’s sad that Ghost Hunters is on its last season.

The next image was us being silly to tease our other sister but I think we ended up teasing our brother instead.

The live talk was informative with Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, KJ KcCormick, and Dustin Pari. They were extremely funny. I should have gotten a picture of John Zaffis jumping up and down behind them. Someone on the panel said jokingly “Is that the ghost of John Zaffis?”

I also spoke to Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango. They had a DVD on how to paranormal investigate which I can’t wait to watch.

I also met John Zaffis, The Hunted Collector.

I’m excited to read his books. I love reading books. I also got his autograph!

John Zaffis also did an awesome talk. He was funny, informative, and incredible. It’s good to hear what was real in movies with exorcisms and what isn’t. Dustin Pari paid him back and snuck in behind him. I should have gotten that picture too!

I met the great explorer, Josh Gates.

His talk was just as great. He answered my question if Expedition Unknown will have another update episode. He said nothing is planned as of yet but he believes there will be one. He did answer my second part of my question if there has been any updates he could tell us. On season 2 episode 10 “The Sultan’s Heart” the archaeological team featured continued to dig on the site in Hungary and have officially announced the Tomb of the Sultan. Josh Gates hopes to go back there some day. The other update was the bones found on the first episode of Expedition Unknown was male and they won’t get anything else from the bones because of the DNA being to degraded.

He also told everyone how he got started hosting Destination Truth which was hilarious. I also got his signature.

It was a huge day for me and I am exhausted. It was so much fun. I wish to meet more people there. I was star struck.

My head is spinning with so many new story ideas. I plan on going back every year!


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