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Book Spotlight: Reach for Me (Friend-Zone Book 2) By: Rachael Tamayo

Available everywhere November 2, 2016

Ashley is back, and this time it’s her turn to tell her story. In book one we met Ashley, saw her and her sister Adrienne’s fragile sisterly bonds broken, and Ashley left us in a dark place. In Reach for me, she returns a year later.

When Ashley’s high society life crumbles around her in the space of one afternoon, she’s forced to swallow her pride and move back home to Dallas. Having lost both her husband and her career, she takes up a job at her father’s restaurant under her little sister Adrienne’s management. After months living with her parents, she decides to move in with her coworker and friend, Shane. Ashley vows to never let a man cause her life to come crashing down around her ever again. Never will feelings cause her to make “stupid decisions.”

Of course, that’s before she knew Shane. Can she resist his charms? Not to mention, blue eyes, tattoos, and a ride on his motorcycle.

Reach for Me Book Trailer:

Look for Reach for Me on Goodreads, and Amazon!

Other books by Rachael:

The Stones (Also appears in the anthology Lets Have Fun Vol 3)

About the author

Rachael is a full time 911 operator and police dispatcher for an agency outside of the Houston, Texas area. When she’s not at work or creating her next book, she’s usually spending time with her husband of twelve years, her three year old son, or preparing for the birth of her second child. (A girl due in February)

Find Rachael on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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