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New Release: Destination Bermuda

October 27, 2017

Hello all, I'm happy to talk to you about my latest short story, Destination Bermuda.


The main character is Alexandra Porter. She has more sarcasm or just as much as Ivory Ames does in my Superior Species series. Here is the start of Destination Bermuda


“I’m Alexandra Porter, the daughter of
explorer, Dax Porter, who vanished six
months ago. In dedication to my father,
we’re continuing his research by solving the
mystery of the Bermuda Triangle,” I said
from the deck on the expedition vessel.

“Cut,” the director yelled for the
twentieth time.

“What's wrong with this take?” The
muscles in my face ached from the smiling I
was forced to do. How many more times did
I have to redo each scene until it was Mr.
Carter perfect?


“The tears in your eyes smudged
your mascara. Makeup! Get someone over
here.” He glanced at me through the glasses
on the bridge of his nose.


I didn't know I was crying. Reaching
up, I wiped the evidence away. Couldn't he
give me a break? This was my first time
hosting a show.

My father was the big reality TV star
and brought me on set before I could walk.
At eighteen, I left my old life behind for
college. Now, here I was three years later, trying to prove I could do what he did and failing miserably at it.


Only good ratings can save her father.

The last time the Bermuda Triangle claimed a ship was in the 1960s. Until Dax Porter's expedition vessel disappears.

Six months later, his daughter is in the most dangerous place on Earth. Alexandra refuses to leave until she finds him, even if it means the reality TV show she's hosting is cancelled.

Despite mysterious events, weird ships, and a crew that can't get along, Alexandra refuses to give up her mission.


Thank you, K.A.




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