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Character Spotlight: Karen Bakke (Superior Species Book 1)

May 6, 2017

Out of all the teasers I’ve made and shared, I couldn’t believe I never talked about Karen. She is Ivory’s best friend, roommate, and big sister (despite them being the same age) in the world of Superior Species. Karen is crazy about fashion and she is dependable, loyal, and outgoing. That are some of the many reasons why Ivory looks up to her. Ivory says it best in book 1:


“As always, she was dressed as if she had stepped out of a fashion magazine. Her yellow low cut dress hugged her curves. It went well with the golden hipster earrings and bracelet that she wore.” – Ivory Ames about Karen Bakke Superior Species Book 1.


Karen is more than a fashionista. She also would do anything for her friends. Her and Ivory are a lot alike in that way. My favorite quote for her is hard to say. She’s direct. I choose the one that explains why Karen felt a certain way after she and Ivory had a fight.



If you want to know more about Karen Bakke, check out her journey in Superior Species.



Ivory Ames has caught the attention of four gorgeous guys. At Los Roshano University this isn’t normal, even when all the upperclassmen have perfect physiques, flawless complexions, and hypnotic looks. That’s not even the weirdest part. The town has a strict sunset curfew because of wild animals attacking.

To keep her friends and herself safe, Ivory must figure out the truth behind the town’s mysteries before it’s too late.


Her journey will continue in the second book Superior Species Book 2 Finding Karen.



Ivory Ames has learned the truth about Los Roshano, New Mexico and the university she attends there, but it isn’t what she expected. Monsters exist. They’ve been running the town in secret to fill their ranks. She vows to keep her friends and herself safe from their evil clutches.


As soon as Ivory makes her pledge, her best friend is missing. The race to find Karen Bakke is on before she is killed or worse.


If you want to know more about her or the world of Superior Species, check out my posts on these platforms.


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