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New Release: Realms of Fantastic Stories Vol. 2

Summer days near an end. Children are back in school or will head there soon. It’s time for a great new anthology, with stories sure to please all lovers of fantasy. Solstice Publishing presents Realms of Fantastic Stories Vol. 2, for all who enjoy a great fantasy tale.

Will a prophecy determine their fate?

Aegeus depends on his honor in a life or death struggle.

Marcus accepts a difficult job.

Only good ratings can save her father.

For better or worse, Jane’s incredible fantasy becomes her reality.

Has she ever been told the truth… about anything?

A tale of great conscience and delicious treats.

Tales of far off places, of fun, and of dreams. Join K.C. Sprayberry, Noelle Myers, Justin Herzog, K.A. Meng, E.B. Sullivan, Leigh Podgorski, and Joshua Rem as they take you on a tour of their special fantasy worlds.

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