Meeting Zozo

Emily Campbell has the perfect life: a sweet boyfriend, a good job, and wonderful parents. Everything changes when her best friend texts her that her man, Danny, has cheated on her. When Emily plans on bringing it up to him, a drunk driver smashes into their vehicle and Danny is killed.

Rather than humiliate herself and talk to the other woman to get the answers Emily so desperately seeks, she decides to contact Danny through a spirit board. He admits to the cheating, but something is strange about him. Emily isn’t certain if she has contacted Danny, or something else.

Life Subscription

Life subscription-001.jpg

Pay monthly to live or die.

In less than sixteen hours, Daven Morris will die unless he earns enough money to pay for his life. He turns to the black-market for a job. One listing will grant him enough, but it has a catch.

Daven must work with three strangers to steal something from the Universal Government without knowing exactly what they are taking. If they don’t succeed, Daven’s subscription to live will run out.

The Wayward Station


A tornado whisks Kayla Stark into The Wayward Station, a realm in between life and death. She learns this special place is in trouble and must help to save it. If she doesn’t, the spirits there won’t return her home.

With her grandma by her side, Kayla must save the precious commodity from the clutches of Jacoby Marone, a ghost with a bad attitude. He has a plan, and whatever it is, will not be good for The Wayward Station. If Kayla can't stop him, she and this place may disappear forever.