Modern Greek Myths Volume 1

The First Siren:

All Sappho wants in life is to sing, find a husband, have kids, and be a great wife. Her plans change the moment Triton, Poseidon’s son, releases his wrath on a fishing ship, killing her father. Now she is stuck raising her little brother and carrying for her lunatic mother.

Sappho believes no guy will want her because she isn’t pretty, and she has tons of family drama. But she has the voice on an angel which has caught the attention of Isocrates, the handsomest guy in her village, and the young God.

Destination Bermuda: 

Six months ago, Dax Porter's expedition vessel, The Alexandra, went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. So his daughter, Alexandra, uses crowd funding to find her father in her new reality TV show, Destination Bermuda, and a network picks it up. 
 Equipped with the latest technology, Alexandra must uncover the truth about the Bermuda Triangle in order to save her father's life and reputation while dealing with ratings. If her show falls below the Top 25 Broadcast Shows, the network will pull the plug, she will lose funding, and any hope of finding her father.