Plots & Schemes Vol 1

Her child vanishes in a puff of smoke.


When Murder is on the Itinerary


An eavesdropped comment leads to an impossible scheme!


Mysterious events pull Dana into danger.


A rock star’s murder leaves Emlyn Goode questioning everything she knows about herself.


Murder most foul puts this cop to the test


One murder, one plan, two possible outcomes.


If you're not at the beach, the Tough Luck stories will take you there.


Trail Town Texas leans heavily on their sheriff


Murder, kidnapping, mysterious events, and more are our treat to you in this wonderful anthology from Solstice Publishing. Discover the talents of K.C. Sprayberry, Debbie De Louise, Donna Alice Patton, E.B. Sullivan, Susan Lynn Solomon, Johnny Gunn, K.A. Meng, Lois Crockett, and Stephy Smith.

My story The First Scheme is inside

(part of A Town of Murderers Book 1)

One murder, one plan, two possible outcomes.

The sound of a gunshot pulls Joann Fields from a peaceful sleep into a living nightmare. Her husband David is bleeding from a bullet lodged in his chest. She tries to save him, but she passes out instead.


Joann barely regains consciousness before two detectives arrest her for the murder. She turns to the only man who can help her, reporter Mike Carroll.  With the evidence piling-up against her, can Mike save her from prison or is she part of some elaborate conspiracy?

That Summer Day Vol 1

Fun in the sun turns into a nightmare after a murder.

A summer reunion ignites romance.

City vs Country: which one will prevail?

Goldilocks and Baby Bear like you’ve never seen them before

A promise leaves them wondering about the future.

Summer Solstice on a distant planet provides adventure, romance, and mystery for two, star-crossed lovers.

Can a stranger save her?

The fate of the world lies with a conflicted angel

The longest day of the year. Fun in the sun. Renewing friendships. Continuing traditions. Adventures of all sorts. K.A. Meng, Debbie De Louise, Stephy Smith, Justin Herzog, K.C. Sprayberry, Candace Sams, Margaret Scott, and Alex Pilalis bring you stories to entertain on this very special day.

My story Vampires Didn't Exist is inside

(part of Superior Species Book 0.5)

Fun in the sun turns into a nightmare after a murder.

On her first vacation ever, Ivory Ames awakens in the middle of the night to find her best friend missing. She searches the campground and finds Maria lying dead on the beach.


With more questions than answers and the police being uncooperative, Ivory decides to find the truth herself. She enlists the help of Maria's other best friend, Harmony Lundy. As Harmony and Ivory search for clues, they learn that someone or something is stalking the campers.

Realms of Fantastic Stories Vol 2

Will a prophecy determine their fate?

Aegeus depends on his honor in a life or death struggle.

Marcus accepts a difficult job.

Only good ratings can save her father.

For better or worse, Jane’s incredible fantasy becomes her reality.

Has she ever been told the truth… about anything?

A tale of great conscience and delicious treats.

Tales of far off places, of fun, and of dreams. Join K.C. Sprayberry, Noelle Myers, Justin Herzog, K.A. Meng, E.B. Sullivan, Leigh Podgorski, and Joshua Rem as they take you on a tour of their special fantasy worlds.

My story Destination Bermuda is inside

(part of the series Modern Myths Book 1)

Only good ratings can save her father.

The last time the Bermuda Triangle claimed a ship was in the 1960s. Until Dax Porter's expedition vessel disappears.

Six months later, his daughter is in the most dangerous place on Earth. Alexandra refuses to leave until she finds him, even if it means the reality TV show she's hosting is cancelled.

Despite mysterious events, weird ships, and a crew that can't get along, Alexandra refuses to give up her mission.

Project 9 Vol. 3

Can society exist without libraries?

Time travel is not for the timid.

On her way to invade another world, Clara makes incredible discoveries.

Pay monthly to live or die.

Josey finds an AA meeting.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Six science fiction tales that cover the spectrum from speculation to far off worlds. Join with these talented authors for an experience you won’t soon forget: Debbie De Louise, Jim Cronin, E.B. Sullivan, K.A. Meng, Nicole Luttrell, and Ken Newman.

My story Life Subscription is inside

Pay monthly to live or die.


In less than sixteen hours, Daven Morris will die unless he earns enough money to pay for his life. He turns to the black-market for a job. One listing will grant him enough, but it has a catch.


Daven must work with three strangers to steal something from the Universal Government without knowing exactly what they are taking. If they don’t succeed, Daven’s subscription to live will run out.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol. 6

Voodoo, greed, and prejudice mar paradise.

Extraordinary characters create strange bedfellows

Obsession never dies.

Evil Waits in the Darkness

Some whacked game or pure evil?

Ava just wants to play.

Ghost Cat. Don’t honeymoon without one.

What’s the cost of endless cash?

Southern heat can drive you crazy

Her powers were about to lead her to her doom.

Ten tales of horror and frightdom filled with tales scary enough to have you watching your every move are offered for your reading enjoyment. Ten incredibly talented authors contributed to this finale of horror: Noelle Myers, Davina Guy, Ken Newman, David Mannes, Leigh Podgorski, K.A. Meng, Debbie De Louise E.B. Sullivan, Adam Zorzi, and Palvi Sharma serve up stories guaranteed to make your fright night truly fearful.

My story Ava is inside

Ava just wants to play.

When Jasmine Cardwell helps her sister move, she
overhears her niece speaking to an imaginary friend named
Ava. Jasmine thinks it’s normal until a keyboard types that
she must die on its own, footsteps walk across the ceiling,
and the invisible friend draws a picture of her dead.
Jasmine begins to wonder if Ava is imaginary or real or
something in between.